BONUS- It is better to train outside of a busy store because we can also teach outdoors and indoors and include agility, and small dog classes.

Success Start Training Workshop: 1 Hour Introduction Class: $25

  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Socialization
  • Tips on visiting the vet or groomer.

Success Start Training Workshop: 6-Week Puppy Training: $139

  • Communication
  • Basic Skills
  • Socialization & more!

Potty Training: 1 Hour Effective Potty-Training Seminar: $25

  • Tips & Techniques for puppies or dogs of any age.

Beginner Training: 6-Week Basic Training Class: $139

  • Basic Manners with Impulse Control
  • Relationship Building & more!

Intermediate Training: 6 Week Intermediate Training $139

  • Pre-Req: Beginner Training
  • Builds on Foundational Behaviours
  • Enhancing Skills for Real-World Application.

Advanced Training: 6 Week Advanced Training $139

  • Pre-req: Intermediate Training
  • Strengthening Behaviours to improve: Speed, Consistently, Response, & Reliability.

Dog Boarding with outdoor walks, walking correction, behaviour modification, socialization,  bark control and pet therapy instruction. $60 per day – pet therapy is $75 per day.

Therapy Dog School & Service Dog Training
Weekly $150 per week for 4 months for Certification

There is free parking 

My prices will be the exact same as PetSmart’s!