Safe Haven

Partnering with Safe Haven International Charity

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SAFE HAVEN |  A Safe Place for Pets and their Families

Everyone needs Love in their lives and pets give us unconditional love, companionship and nurturing and in return, they need walks, safety, food and consistency.

Many people want a dog or/and a pet but they are unable to give them the care they need full-time.

With the return of many people to the office and school, you may not have the necessary time to care for your pet full time but would be heartbroken to lose them.

SAFE HAVEN Partnering Home & Animal Shelter will partner with you so

You can continue to own your pet and your pet can remain an important part of your family 
You can have a safe, loving and responsible place to leave your pet when 
  1. There is an emergency
  2. You can’t come due to life changes and circumstances
  3. You have to return to the office or school full time
  4. You have to travel
  5. You cannot afford your pet due to a change in circumstance
SAFE HAVEN Partnering Home & Animal Shelter provides
  1. Daily walks for only $15.00 for a 20-minute walk
  2. Three walks a day for $30.00
  3. Dog-boarding with three walks and visits to a leashless park (if you would like) for only $40.00 per night
  4. Puppy daycare where males and females and seniors are in three different groupings for only $30  a day
  5. An indoor exercise facility.